6 hours of Coma

Unexpected destiny

21 May 2017.It was 8am on morning after heavy rain the previous night that I stood in front of a college near cubban park .It was still drizzling.This day I was to face my unexpected battle;the JEE Advance exam.

It was unbelievable to me that I got such good rank in JEE MAINS.But I never went for mains or advance  coaching as I aspired Medical as my career option.Getting into medical college is equivalently difficult though but before entering exam hall I surely believed that i would be in state of coma for next 6 hours!
Thousands of people were crowded filled with anxiousness.Huge traffic unable to be managed by police,with noise of the horn of vehicles ,it was a massive crowd.Parents were more in number than students.Really it was dramatic. So was my dad with his hands over my shoulder ,was so proud of me that he didn’t expressed it even when I told him the results.

Parents and students had arrived at early at the exam center .They were waiting outside.Some were going through their notes,others spoke to their mates,while some like me were relaxed having no idea how exams would be and waiting the gates to open.There was no end to the curious questions by parents. Thousands of thoughts were swarming in my mind and there was no one to whom I could had explain what was going on.

Finally traffic police arrived blowing their whistle at the college  campus and forced college to open gates and they succeeded. With no words to say I just gave expression to my dad that I’m going in.He was still smiling at me with joy that was unexpected. Later my first step into campus lasted for 5 minutes because of rushing of parents into campus.

Many believed that getting into an IIT will open up best career options in one’s life. It was 6 hour examination which tests the years preparation of students.JEE Advanced is considered to be thoughest exams but actually it is easy if one is familiar with depths of subject.What ever  we do is perfect like we are punctual to classes,strive to get seat in first few benches ,hear not all but most lectures honestly, attend all tests,analyse our results. …….so on .But main things we miss here is self study and self esteem analysis.It’s just like adding water,salt,spices,meat ,including all required ingredients in perfect proportion while preparing Biryani but miss out adding rice in correct quantity  which is main ingredient. Here rice corresponds to hardwork.

All these thoughts were running in my mind at the last stage when I was about to take my exams.So many students  I saw just looking like army of ants near a sugarcane farm.Checking out my room number was big deal because of these crowd which was surrounding a 5 square feet notice board.Still it was just half an hour I entered campus I started to fell in already spent a day.Some how I got my number.

Then I keenly observed one thing that pressure built by parents is so much that students knowingly do mistakes.Having such keen observatory sight doesn’t leads any easy observation as people look back,and facing such situations is bit difficult for me as I don’t know how to react properly, especially to girls.

Well this is just a beginning ,the story is still not at all started.This is my first blog and I’m happy that I re-started writing after long gap of one year …….hope u liked it


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